Earthborn Mortals


This is what really people look like, well, its rendition of what people look like.

Naked Humans

Humans: a bipedal primate mammal (Homo sapiens) : man; broadly : hominid.

This is what we all are, flesh, blood, bones, and brains.

But we are all different, and that really is okay.

In Fact Its Amazing.

What isn’t amazing is when you put on a mask and hide the amazing-ness that is You.



Someone and their Masks

This is something I hate.

Do not do this. Not just because I hate it.

Because It Is  UnFair To YOU.


Just Be You.

Rather you are broken, funny looking, stupid, smart or anything that voice says in the back of your mind.

It lies, You are perfect, with wonderful imperfections, a human, a beautiful ball of life.

Even if for awhile your the only one who likes you, You will find others that have like minds.

And deserve to know the real you.

Loving who you are, is more important than anything.


( : *and quit annoying me* : )



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