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Wednesday’s Ashtray!

Thats Right, this is Wednesday’s Ash Tray.
Whats a Wednesday’s Ash Tray, you ask?
~Its only a collection of sh*t i find on the interwebs and leave here for you to enjoy.
Why on Wednesday?
~Great Question! Because Wednesday is the day *most* people need a boost, something for them to lose some time too, and why shouldn’t I be the one to provide that?!?!
Why did you call it Wednesday’s Ash Tray?
~Well, Wednesday kind of gets the sh*t end of things, its not awesome, its not sucky, its just that middle. Besides Tray rhymes with day very well, and I like Wednesday.


♥This site is amazing, thanks to the Bloggess for this one.

♥ Meat.. Hats?

♥ Wanna Do it? Here ya go!

♥ Death.. to stuffed things?!

♥ Find your Zombie soul mate.

And now I leave you with this picture.

..I have nothing..