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Thats Right, this is Wednesday’s Ash Tray.
Whats a Wednesday’s Ash Tray, you ask?
~Its only a collection of sh*t i find on the interwebs and leave here for you to enjoy.
Why on Wednesday?
~Great Question! Because Wednesday is the day *most* people need a boost, something for them to lose some time too, and why shouldn’t I be the one to provide that?!?!
Why did you call it Wednesday’s Ash Tray?
~Well, Wednesday kind of gets the sh*t end of things, its not awesome, its not sucky, its just that middle. Besides Tray rhymes with day very well.

First Up, A Merry Merry Christmas Present! Your Welcome! 🙂


Because I love you and You love this!

And the last one, but one I think is the best:

Sometimes you just gotta get it off  your chest!

Thats, that, for your ash tray, got fun stuff for me to see and post next Wednesday, let me know via Email, Twitter or Facebook!


Poor poor little man.. I keep Telling him its okay..

more Emails and comments will come!

“Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.”-Unknown

Yep that pretty much sums it up.

I do not believe. I Do Not Believe. I want to scream it from my roof!

But really in the long run, what does it matter to you?

Why do you care?

Do you not have your own religious ideas to deal with?

Don’t you have your own ideas and thoughts to pin into place without trying to mess with mine?!?!

Leave it be, stop trying, and go the hell away.

It’s my mind and I will make it up as I please.

I am sorry that your hero complex makes you want to “save” me but you can take yourself righteousness and stick it up your butt. I do not need saved. I need you to back up out of my face and my life before I show you why your god isn’t going to help, when I beat your ass. I am sorry I grew up and cannot rely on a “god” that happens to be the shittiest friend ever! Life happens, shit happens, it rains, it snows, then more life happens, then you die and are missed by your “real” friends and loved ones, you know the ones that helped you out.

I have so much more to add to this but I’m not turning it into a conversation.

Point Blank, I Do Not Believe In Any God, Nor, Will Anything You Say Change My Mind, The End.

*This, is gonna get mushy*

I am crying, tears of the unbelievable.

I live in the idea that 90% of humans are evil and mean pieces of crap. That idea, my friends, has been over hauled. I no longer think that, because of the wonder giving heart of Jenny The Bloggess. I read Jenny’s Blog like it’s my crack, she can make me laugh when I need the pickup she can make me melt (read about the Traveling Red Dress), she is an amazing writer and an amazing person. With this said, She decided to give back this Christmas differently then she usually does, with this idea: Donating gift cards from the money she made from James Garfield Christmas Cards, this got others involved and more donations came in, more people in need posted, and it just kept going ( go read this now, just click the links!!!).

I am so moved, my heart feels less broken, and trust me this year has been awful, for me, my friends and my family! I have lost seven people that I love .This year, seven people have passed and I wasn’t ready for any of them to leave, we never are ready for that. The hole that I have grew so large over this year alone; I could have jumped through it with an elephant.

After Tonto passed, going to his celebration of life, helped heal that hole a bit, there were so many people there that loved him and wanted to help donated what they could to help with his cremation and to donated to the hospice center. I was moved and amazed to see that love just pour over everything there. Then Jenny happened.

Not only with all the love that was written all over her blog but the pureness of it all has made me feel like, there is a reason to keep going, make new friends, even if I could lose them too, because trust me after this year, the Last thing I wanted to do was get close to anyone else, I just couldn’t take more pain. I now am looking at things different, I am seeing the joy and love, I have been shutting out.

My Christmas spirit is now flickering back on as well. I have hated Christmas for a very long time, not that all my Christmas’s were bad growing up, I just had the worst ex-step sister and blah blah blah, she is/was a bitch and had to ruin everything (thanks for that Bre). I held on to that feeling and my Christmas spirit only sparked back up when I could see the joy in my son’s eyes about Christmas, HE made it magical and wonderful for me again, and then the flame would die back out till next year when his eyes would light up again. Now, Thanks to Jenny and all of her “minions” that spark is a flame, not a huge, everything is perfect flame, but my eyes have been opened and the past has been let go, and all I can say to this is Thank You.

I am so grateful, amazed, and in love with all of you. The words I write do not do justice to the feelings I feel, feelings that I know how to deal with! So, I end this mushy, and tear filled post with this:

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Shower the People You Love with Love by James Taylor

You all have inspired me to Change things about me that I thought were set in stone, thanks for the jack hammer!