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Neglected: Yes You All Have Been, My Bad!

My Super Bad.

Sorry guys I know I haven’t been posting like I should be!

I am freaking Sorry!

School has been kind of crazy with the five, yes five, classes I am taking and my brain has been poked full of holes with all this new information it is getting!

So, as an apology I made Found*and altered* you a pretty awesome picture, you can thank me later.


Yes I know I am going to Hell.

Yeah, so by altered I really meant added a border.. I am lazy what do you expect?! and NO I am not going into the Whole “this is a terrible picture you should take it down you awful person”, because its funny and my blog is for me to enjoy.

Also you cannot be an Indian Giver, I Gave you this Wonder.. to look at and enjoy!

Dont start on the Indian giver stuff either! Sheesh I have been gone like a week and a half, and you all went all judgement on me..

Soooo…any who..

I wanted to also throw in some web sites for you all to gander at, since I missed a Wednesday or two or something like that. Now, the far warning is, I have been doing lots of school stuff so not all these sites are fun, some are sad, but they are clickable and I know you love the clickable stuffs, also they are stuff I think you should read if you haven’t before!

But I will Promise to Try MY SUPER DOOPER HARDEST

to throw up a pretty darn good Wednesdays ashtray for

you guys for being so super awesome!

Two minor girls married off to frogs

Mozambican boy castrated for witchcraft

I Want to Make A MILLION of these!

I could Be  Jedi, but….


You know you love Ren and Stimpy  🙂

Okay that is really all I have for now, due to the time limit I have.. sorry again!

Hey, help do your part and send me some stuffs!