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I look at those photos, I stare into those days,

I yearn for the things that I missed

when I took the other way.

For the choice, it left the energy inside

stuck with in masses, longing to be rampant.

Never enough outlets, to many cords

over loaded, for this, the mess is born.

Would never change it, back and back, the same,

the days will never be, but the thoughts lay unchanged.

Once its done, I still couldn’t go back

always the last, it will stay this way.

Never for me, always for you,

I want it this way, for I love you.

Once you have left, becoming all you,

I shall still stay, on the path I did lay.

Dreaming of the unbeaten way,

that I gave, not one more glance.

Living for you, is the way I will stay,

a promise my soul gave that day.

Dont take this as bad, for I wouldn’t change

the things I left laying by the way.

You are more important than I could ever be,

For you made me,




To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die. ~Thomas Campbell

As this year ends, I want to say, Good Bye to the dear loved ones, I lost along the way.

Death is the end, the end we all face and nothing will fill the hole, which your loss had placed.

You will be remembered, talked about, and thought about often, you will not fade from my heart, because nothing will be forgotten.

I know, like all lives do, yours had to end, and in that thought, someday my heart shall mend.

‎”As long as we live, they too shall live, for they are a part of us, as we remember them.”
Seven people, whom I cared about, passed this year, and I miss and love you all.

To the Eleven, I lost in years pass, I miss you more then I know, and love you all just as deeply.

To My Daddy, The Earth isn’t the same without you, and I will never be either, I love you.