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Eyes, Pee, Poop, Hearts, Money, Abestos, Tampons = This Post.

I find some strange things on this wonderful thing we call the


These are pictures that I have found lately and wanted to share with you all.

I was thinking of adding them to Wednesdays Ashtray


I think they should get a post of their own

So lets get this Started!



Can I have two?

I hope that a lot of people order these and then die, less stupid people.

But thats just my view.


These are things that I feel EVERYONE should know.

That means you.



I think that this is much better then when I walked in to my sons room,

at the age of 6m and he had rubbed poop all over his crib.

This is a much better answer.

Plus I would like two sets in the house, I want to throw poop and pee at people,

with out the mess!

(Also you can send out Pee and Poo ecards)

4 Dollar Bill, Ya’ll!


And to think, I didn’t get hired at McDonald’s

Wow, I think both people should be charged.

How do you take a 4 dollar bill?

How can you look at it and think nothing is wrong?

How can you make a 4 dollar bill?

How did these two meet?!

I am pretty amazed at this.

Get that 30 mins in somewhere!


Fat Kids.

I am a fat kid, I so get this train of thought.

But sorry dude, it doesn’t count

Step away from the Big Mac and

Hit That Bitch, then put on your Abestos Tampons Cd

And sing her this song!


The look them up and get their CD

And some Blumpkin stickers!

Hell Ya!