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To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die. ~Thomas Campbell

As this year ends, I want to say, Good Bye to the dear loved ones, I lost along the way.

Death is the end, the end we all face and nothing will fill the hole, which your loss had placed.

You will be remembered, talked about, and thought about often, you will not fade from my heart, because nothing will be forgotten.

I know, like all lives do, yours had to end, and in that thought, someday my heart shall mend.

‎”As long as we live, they too shall live, for they are a part of us, as we remember them.”
Seven people, whom I cared about, passed this year, and I miss and love you all.

To the Eleven, I lost in years pass, I miss you more then I know, and love you all just as deeply.

To My Daddy, The Earth isn’t the same without you, and I will never be either, I love you.

Potatoes Scream

When you cook up your best pal Potato do you know that he is Screaming?!

Yes.. Those poor taters.. Screaming and crying and no one listens.. No one believes! Even Google is trying to cover it up, just try it Do Potatoes Scream when they are cooked they want you to look to see if tomatoes do and tell you about Lobsters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my good friend the lobster, but we all know what they say before they get cooked “F@*k!”. Mr. Potato how ever has his eyes cut out, his skin peeled and then he’s cooked up, all while alive!

Or sometimes he just gets slowly baked to death, and not the I smoked too much pot and laid in the tanning bed to long, baked to death either! 

Okay, I know you are feeling bad for Mr. Potato because I was too when I realized what he had to go through! So I talked to my dear friend potato and he told me as long as we talk to him and express that his death is not in vain, he doesn’t mind filling our bellies. I said okay, because between you and me I love to eat, me some taters! I didn’t tell him that though.. I didn’t want to break his little spud heart.

Now, dear friends just tell your potatoes that it will be okay and that he is going to the great potato in the sky, then eat eat eat!!

I’ll Find away to deal with google later..