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Wednesday’s Ashtray!

Thats Right, this is Wednesday’s Ash Tray.
Whats a Wednesday’s Ash Tray, you ask?
~Its only a collection of sh*t i find on the interwebs and leave here for you to enjoy.
Why on Wednesday?
~Great Question! Because Wednesday is the day *most* people need a boost, something for them to lose some time too, and why shouldn’t I be the one to provide that?!?!
Why did you call it Wednesday’s Ash Tray?
~Well, Wednesday kind of gets the sh*t end of things, its not awesome, its not sucky, its just that middle. Besides Tray rhymes with day very well, and I like Wednesday.


Okay this one is better because there is more! Yay for more!

I am going to run with this, in a very wrong direction

For the Pod Cast Lover In YOU

For Your Geekin Out time

For those of us that need some inner time with our inner self

♥ Beat their Secrets.. No really Do it!

This can be fun and Dirty..Whoa.

More convenient then just emailing your self? Hmmm.

For those of you that like to Rate things…

What did you get?

♥ I needed this after Todays ‘puke’ day

Awe, all yellow and dotty!

Alright you thugs, thats all I gots for today.. Remember to keep that little gmail guy busy and send this Dame some more emails!

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