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Asking For Help, Very Hard For Me.

There are things I need, not a lot of things just a few, and why.

By doing this you can see that the things I need really aren’t that bad and maybe someone will give them to me,

or help me get them

because I need them and I am a deserving person that pays it forward. 🙂

A Fruit Basket,



Awe, so yummy and pretty!

Because I would like to give it to a woman who has done so much for me, I owe her so much more.

and not meaning it has to look like the above picture, just a fruit basket is more then enough

Plus, I have always wanted to give a fruit basket.

A car battery.

Scott and I share his car, but the battery is dead.

We do not have the money to buy a new one, so we are using my grandmas car,

I would really like to give her back her car.

New Socks.

I need them, the kids need them, the almost hubby needs them, pretty simple.

1000.00 dollars.

I know this seams crazy to just ask for money

but I do not like to ask for help, or if someone offers I most of the time say no.

Why you ask, I dont feel like I deserve any help,

and this is something I am working on with my therapist (who i see for free thanks to my college!).

So here I am on the internet asking some people i know and some i do not know,

for money. I need the money because i am a college student that has been out of work

not for lack of trying, and my soon to be hubby is supporting all four of us by himself

but his job is getting payed by if someone comes in

there for, we dont always have the money we need for bills.

As of right now, we have not payed our rent. I know you all know the date,

we are close but not there yet, 1000.00 dollars would catch us up on rent and the rest of our back bills.

I think thats a lot of money, but i know a lot of others do not.

Now, i would like to state that i do not expect anyone to help someone unless they can and only if they want too.

With that said, even if i dont get anything that i need, we will still push on and do what we can.

I just wanted to take the chance.

Thank You for reading.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But If You Try Some Times You Get What You Need”-R.S.

I get caught up in silly things,

Not like this.. not at all.

I know what you are thinking, ‘everyone does’.

Ehhhhh.. Not quite like I do. For example:

Last night I am sitting on the tub talking to my almost hubby, when I stretch out the waste of my yoga pants (which I have never done yoga in) and said, “Damn, I could be like five hundred pounds and then these would be all tight on me.” My hubby to be says, something about but if you were five hundred pounds you would just buy new pants you wouldn’t wear them tight like that. So, I stand up with my arms stretching out my pants, I hunch over and say in a deep voice,” see my belly would hang down like this” hubby to be says, “It’s called a GUNT.”

This is a *GUNT*, I will never have one, if you do, Im sorry i made fun of it.

So I am walking back and forth saying “look at my gunt look at my gunt!!!” in my low voice (because if I got fatter I would talk lower). I’m laughing and laughing then I kiss my hubby to be and say, this, this is why I love you so much; you never shake your head or question my strangeness.

This whole thing lasted, about fifteen minutes.. Yeah.. Fifteen minutes.


Back on to what I was saying…

Today, there was something I wanted to hear soooooo bad, but I should not hear it.

Strange right? No, not really.


There are a lot of things in my life that I want or want to do that well, I just don’t and as you can read I do some strange and silly things. You might be thinking right now, what would I think I shouldn’t do. Well, that list is long and I’m not getting into that right now.

But the point of this blog was to, well say that..

*Sometimes it’s good to not always give into your inner impulses, sometimes it’s good to just let them ride out.*