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Thats Right, this is Wednesday’s Ash Tray.
Whats a Wednesday’s Ash Tray, you ask?
~Its only a collection of sh*t i find on the interwebs and leave here for you to enjoy.
Why on Wednesday?
~Great Question! Because Wednesday is the day *most* people need a boost, something for them to lose some time too, and why shouldn’t I be the one to provide that?!?!
Why did you call it Wednesday’s Ash Tray?
~Well, Wednesday kind of gets the sh*t end of things, its not awesome, its not sucky, its just that middle. Besides Tray rhymes with day very well.

First Up, A Merry Merry Christmas Present! Your Welcome! 🙂


Because I love you and You love this!

And the last one, but one I think is the best:

Sometimes you just gotta get it off  your chest!

Thats, that, for your ash tray, got fun stuff for me to see and post next Wednesday, let me know via Email, Twitter or Facebook!


Poor poor little man.. I keep Telling him its okay..

more Emails and comments will come!