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Me and the soon to be hubby just started a Diet together.

Not a hard one,

not a expensive one

not a silly one

its pretty normal if you want to

lose weight, change your eating habits and be healthy-er




Water, lots of water..

My Head is Pounding!

I want coffee..

full of fucking SUGAR!

why cant it be day 3 when this wont bug me



Oh You Are So *Sweet* To.. My Body.

Yes I know.. its sugar.. Hey I GET IT .. its got lots of Sugar. Its Not REALY GOOD FOR ME, fuck I got it already.

But I ♥ Vitamin Water.. and I really Like the Sprak kind and also the facebook kind with the caffine!

And Yes I Still like it even though its bad for me.. so there. 

Now some links to why its bad..

“Like Vegas In A Bottle”.. kinda’

What Jelly Beans?

And this becasue I can:

Amish buggy, what?!

Vitamin Water I will Love you Aways and Forever! Even if you somehow are involved with my death 😦

Even Zombies Love it.. Come on now, that makes it Rad!

*this is in no way endorsed by anyone, from anywhere, its just my brain doin its thing*

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