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‎’Vitamin Yum’ is not really a Vitamin. You have been warned.

If you google Vitamin Yum, well, you get things about soda, mormans, vegans and why Pom does (not) fix your erectile dysfunction, this my friends is why i warned you. Plus spell check gets really mad if you dont capitalize google or morman ( ha ha spell check I’m winning!).

Back to the message at hand, Vitamin Yum, this might sound like a cure all vitamin but its not. As well as,the words, organic and all natural, people didn’t you learn anything from the burger king drive through?!?  Come on, admit it, how many times have you really, “Had it your way?”.  Two outta Ten, thats what I thought! Companies just want to label it so you will buy it, so read a little farther then the flashy words on the front. You can’t even fully trust what the USDA sticker is saying!

Also, if you are in a foreign country, learn the langue or get someone you trust to read for you. Do you really want to just find out the flavor of the chips, where one guy steping on the other guys nuts?

The Answer is No, No you do not. See what a great friend I am??
I just saved you from eating smashed testicle doritos!
You are very welcome!